Avast VPN

This secure line was launched in 2014 in the Czech Republic. This is irrespective of the fact that the company has been around since 1988. The VPN services work in several devices such as PC, Mac, iPhone, Andriod. It covers is operation top 5 devices and with unlimited bandwidth services. It is also worth the mention that Avast provides only 55 servers in several countries, about 34 countries.

The VPN services that Avast provides comes with top download speed, avast brags on their homepage about how fast their VPN is; and when it is tested to check their claim, it was found out to be true. And although they are not the fastest, they have one of the fastest VPN services.

Avast Secureline VPN has a well secured and encrypted services; this comes with a workable kill switch and DNS leak protection. The protection used by Avast is a military grade 256 number which is used to measure the strength of the encryption.

The prevention of DNS leakage comes with a nice feature because it ensures that no one steals your data hence disclosing your browsing activity or true location.

Avast VPN allows the torrenting activity. With avast, it is possible to download via torrent and P2P; this is allowed via their data center location especially through major cities.

Avast does not log your activities; hence there is no need to be scared of what you do online. You are surely free like a bird to do whatever you need because there is no logging policy in Avast VPN.

Avast VPN has a very efficient and supportive Customer Support system; they are available at all time, and this gives the necessary boost needed to use their services because you know at the back of your mind that someone is always available to answer your query anytime you need them.

The internet is usually more transparent than you usually think, hackers can easily get a hold your activity and steal your data if you are not protected. Avast Secure VPN provides you with the necessary protection that you would need to stay away from prying eyes on the internet. It provides you with the freedom to go through the web and makes you think you are somewhere else so that you can get some services that are associated with the location you are in.

Avast VPN comes with a great usability profile because of the user guide it has once it is installed. Avast VPN is sleek and simple. Everything needed to connect to Avast server is just a click of the button.

You can choose from a myriad of countries from the server lists inside the app interface. Usually, there is a preference where you can arrange the Avast VPN app to meet how you want it to be displayed. You can also set it to connect automatically you start up your device or PC. This way, it ensures that you are always protected.

Avast VPN also is available in the apple store and the android Google play store.

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web provides the necessary safety for your online services while you go through the internet. This service is unique in that it helps you identify thefts and online scams. It gives you the necessary warnings as you browse through suspicious sites and also while you shop online.

Norton Safe Web provides safe web sessions for you and then gives you the safety information for every page you open. It does this by querying Symantec Remote URL Reputation Service; this reputation service is routinely updated with the newest threats.

Norton Safe Web blocks all malicious pages automatically before they are opened; it does this to dangerous downloads too; all these are done to protect you from virus attack as you use the internet.

There are also Add-ons; this provides you with on-the-go support for safety. The add-on makes use of the Google Analytic protocol to transmit error information that features around your internet use but then not updated by Symantec.

Hence if you do not like this data collection, you should not install the add-on, and if you already have it installed, you can uninstall it. The add-on set the features that Google uses to hide your IP when processing the analytic gotten from you.

With the Norton Safe Web, it is all about analyzing websites and then protecting your PC from attack. This new feature was made to help fight several online threats that emanate from the internet daily. It helps to protect against a website that wants to steal credit card information, passwords, bank information and all that.

Norton Safe Web works by using the feedback gotten from the internet community to monitor the websites. This implies that internet users will evaluate sites and know how they work and if they notice any suspicious activity while they are working, they quickly do a review; this is logged in Norton Safe web and then used as the principle to provide safety in future occurrence.

Once you use the Norton Safe web, you will have total access to the information given in the review by clicking community Buzz on the site. There you can see different sites and their ratings by Norton Safe web.

The Norton Safe Web is useful today because apart from the fact that it is a free service, it also helps internet users know the safe websites; this goes a long way to providing safety to all those who use the internet.

There are reports daily of hacks, and cyber-attack is an all-time high. In the face of this, it is necessary that the best approach is to monitor and track the trend so proper internet safety can be given.

As a website owner, you can submit your website for review by the Norton Safe web. Norton can help you check the site and tell you what is needed to upgrade the site so that you can get the necessary reputation that is needed for visitors to feel safe using the website.

Web owners could use the Norton Secured Seal and the best SSL certificates to ensure that their site is safe to use especially if it used for businesses.

Avast Anti-virus

The AVAST antivirus is free on its feet and very easy to use; however, it has some not so real malware protection. It has some extra features that border around privacy concerns. Also if you are looking for some free malware protection that does not sap the resources from your PC life, you may want to consider using the AVAST anti-virus software.

AVAST antivirus works with windows software and also the windows 10. It protects and this ranges from the standard scanning of antivirus and then to blocking potential risky websites. It has a performance optimizer; this helps you get the most out of your computer also with the file shredder that can take photos and any file to disappear.

In terms of protection, AVAST did a little better in a bimonthly evaluation that was conducted in the first quarter of 2018. The AVAST internet security got free 100 percent scores across the board. However, the next text that was conducted was not very perfect with AVAST. It stopped at a 99 percent zero-day which was better than Microsoft inbuilt Bitdefender.

Security and privacy features showed that AVAST had a better features than that of Avast; it has a file shredder that is not as graded for military purposes but can help you get away with any embarrassment there is to disappear.

Just with a good touch AVAST will not slow the performance of your system. The AVAST antivirus has a free built in defense programmed against email attachments, but then it has nothing so specific apart from the standard programming that monitors behaviors of these attachments.

AVAST has some striking points over every other anti-virus software out there; it had very excellent scores in several independent labs out there. However, one of the major disadvantages is that it does not provide web protection with its browser extension.

The conclusion is that AVAST provides that same antivirus protection that Avast free antivirus provides, but then it does not have the bonus features that you get from Avast. Usually, other antivirus software on the internet will have to get past the several defenses before it can begin to affect your PC. But AVAST antivirus will block any suspicious link or files that are being downloaded so that they cannot have any effect on your PC.

AVAST has some anti-phishing features; several phishing websites would send some little links that can infect you as a visitor and then get access to your files. What they do is to make an imitation of some standard brand sites and then get something like a link to a fake site which can then stew in your details. AVAST helps to detect these websites and create a block to their activities, and this can also help secure your data.

AVAST price browser helps you to keep an eye on your details when you shop online. It finds a very pristine way to deal with them and help keep you safe.

AVAST will provide the Do Not Disturb Mode; this helps to keep notifications aside that requests for routine scans and this are a good feature especially when you are using a specialized program.  

VIPRE Advanced Security

Antivirus security helps to protect your device from virus infestation when you are using the internet. Actually, the internet is not the only source of Virus to your device. Your device can be infected through flash drives, Installation of new software and the likes. But VIPRE advanced security build a strong standard that makes it difficult for virus to infect your device.

VIPRE helps to protect from threats that sneak up on you while you use social media; it is easy to use and has so many fantastic functions that will benefit you as the user. VIPRE has a high malware and detection profile, and it gets its high rating majorly because of its ease of use.

It comes with lots of security options coupled with the fact that it was easy to install and set-up gives it a plus that made most of its client like it.

VIPRE has edge protection which is a tool that tracks the sites you visit and then assesses your downloaded files to ensure that you have the right file being downloaded and not some sneaky virus.

VIPRE has good extensions both for Firefox and for Chrome. The nice thing about it is that the extensions are enabled on the dashboard and not in the browser themselves. VIPRE has a notification system that shows warning messages whenever you want to visit a dangerous site. Also, during downloads, VIPRE removes the threat as soon as it is installed; however, if it cannot remove the threat, it prevents the download altogether.

It has a quarantine where it keeps captured threats and ensures that they do not go ahead to infect other files in the computer. These files in the quarantine can be permanently deleted before they re-infect the computer.

Another feature with the VIPRE is its firewall. It has a personal firewall that helps to keep tabs with anything that is coming in from the internet connection and email protection; it keeps an eye for viruses and messages that have attachments in them and could lead to virus infestations.

Its anti-phishing tools stop the schemes by some website to trick you into giving out your personal information which can be used to remove your cash in your bank accounts and also steal your identity. Once notified, VIPRE sends a copy of the phishing emails to the quarantine folders. Only once this is done that you can check out the message in the mail without the fear of infecting your PC.

Another good thing with VIPRE is that it does not take much of the PC resources. This helps you use your PC at the same speed as you do before installing the security. VIPRE Antivirus is a powerful tool that helps to eliminate all the virus threat to the life of your PC.

Viruses seen on your device are kept and quarantined, so they don?t become a problem.

VIPRE has many functions and new features that keep it ahead of other anti-virus programs some of which are browser extension, social media scan, and a personal firewall.  

Norton VPN

Before the US government opened the gates on ISP and all the plenty talk about getting our information from our devices, the big anti-virus names identified the Virtual Private Networks as the next point to run to and Norton Secure VPN was one of the leading brands in the VPN world.

Norton has a tiny footprint and good server diversity and also a strong security pedigree. Its flexible pricing plan is also among the features that make it stands out.

The internet was not created with the bad guys in mind hence. As a result, it is very easy to get any information from anyone who uses the internet; there are also the cases of unsecured Wi-Fi network which is a recipe for disaster. This is the reason you need a VPN.

Norton VPN has found itself to be one of the best to reckon with when it comes to VPN services. It is easy to install and use; with just a minute of install time. Norton is available for iOS, Andriod, macOS, and Windows. You can set up your VPN manually to fit your device.

While several VPN companies want to make apps that are apart from their operating system, Norton’s VPN is strongly attached to the operating System Tray. Its window is large and quite easy to read.

Nord VPN has lots of special services that are made for streaming live videos which connect to the Tor anonymization network. Norton provides special servers to stream videos.

Norton will help you secure your passwords, bank details, credit card and other private information you have stored up in your PC.

With Norton; you will get Bank-grade encryption; this means that you can use your device to browse in public Wi-Fi without feeling unsecured.

You can browse anonymously because Norton helps you to protect your privacy and also prevent you from being attacked by advertisers online; the VPN also provides opportunities to view websites that are usually locked due to location.

As well as protecting your device, Norton also helps encrypt your data that you send and receive when browsing on a public Wi-Fi; with this, you can pay your bills, interact on social media and check your mail. In the café and airport, you can ensure your information are safe turning on your Norton anti-virus.

Online freedom is possible today because of the VPN services provided by credible brands like Norton. And you can access your favorite website, app everywhere you go.

Norton has a very good money back guarantee; this period, you can let Norton know why you don’t want their services anymore and you can have your money returned to you.

And although the free version does not offer much, yet the premium version will give you a good run for your money. Norton used to have one of the biggest prices to subscribe, but things have greatly improved as they have options that let you choose the subscription package you want it refreshes monthly. Also with Norton, you can choose the plan that will cover with more than one device.