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Express ESET Nod32 Review

In the world of digital devices security, ESET NOD32 is one of the leading names and authorities. Even though the newest requirements for protection muchly expanded in the online sphere, this product is representative of the most reliable complex antiviruses. This quick ESET NOD32 review will show why this company is among the leading providers of safety.

Security Level Features

  • Powerful antivirus protection. As the basic association of protection program is viruses detection, ESET NOD32 is one of the best-known companies. Moreover, they were wisely developing in this direction and presented protection over unknown threats. This algorithm confirms why NOD32 is among the leaders of the safety market.
  • UEFI Scanner. That is a rather useful ability to check operating systems before it actually starts. As there is a possibility that new malware can infiltrate a PC on the BIOS level, ESET company offered the UEFI scanning tool to begin protection just after the start of the system.
  • Total control. Of course, the system should be protected even better after the system launched, and NOD32 scanning covers all possible levels. The protection system checks local drives, removable folders, aspects related to network usage, virtual devices, and other kinds of media software, which means the system is under full protection. Also, ESET provides automatic scanning of files that receive activity, which is a configurable option.
  • Standby Scanning. As the checking process usually requires higher system resources, ESET developed standby scanning, which is available for advanced configuration. This function automatically starts a deep scan of folders and files even if the PC is in sleeping, temporary locked, or logged off. It is an attractive feature as it turns the computer into the artificial intelligence mode and allows using resources gradually.

Online Protection

  • Scripted danger detection. A Premium version of NOD32 has a powerful threat detection approach, which allows the user to check threats that are based on scripts. As those attacks can be held on diverse levels, and even in-browser scripts, suggested detection works for most popular browsers.
  • Phishing. Current times Internet security has to include an anti-phishing engine, and NOD32 presents a developed tool for it. ESET provides automatic interception and blocking of suspicious web pages. However, the company added whitelist, possibility to ignore warnings, and send them a notification, which shows their interest and development in this segment.
  • Emails filter. As danger can come through any network protocols, it is vital to check all the incoming information. It led to the appearance of a smart email filter, which checks ports and can block unwanted incoming signals and messages. It is a rather pleasant function as modern emailing often seems to be a source of spam, where some useful information can be found rarely.
  • Gamer mode. Many people like games, and the online sector is rather attractive due to the high level of interactivity. However, various threats can be related to the desire to play via the network, and include the appearance of viruses or harmful malware. Moreover, the process is often an activity that should not be interrupted, and NOD32 is a complex decision in this case. ESET can both protect from an unexpected danger and allow it to play without annoying notifications.

Overall Impression

There are no doubts that ESET NOD32 is one of the most reliable protection products on the antivirus market. Even though the company does not suggest a free version, new clients have almost no worries about the product and can use a 30-days money-back guarantee. Related aspects like support level or compatibility are on the acceptable level to include them as independent items of the review. All in all, ESET NOD32 antivirus is a respected and reliable product, which can deal with almost all the potential threats and presents vast opportunities and settings even for advanced users.


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