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Best Antivirus for Mac

Sadly, despite what you may have heard, your Macbook isn’t entirely immune to malware attacks and without the best antivirus for mac, your device could be a sitting duck. Sure macbooks built-in defense system offers a far less tempting target for hackers – but that’s mostly because more people use Windows worldwide than iOS, so it’s easier to create viruses that’ll simultaneously attack windows computers.
In essence, creating viruses for windows is like casting a wider fishing net, because you know you’re more likely to hit a target. It doesn’t mean Macbooks are virus-proof though, because thanks to increase in the use of Apple products, more hackers are designing iOS malwares – from adwares, to ransomwares and even password theft.
Accordingly, there are some truly brilliant antivirus software – both free and paid – to preempt attacks from such malicious softwares, and we’ve narrowed them down for you. Without further ado, here are some of the best antivirus for mac. Side note, unless you literally have no security budget for your device, it’s generally better to opt for paid antiviruses, because nothing’s ever truly “free”. Plus, at least with the paid one, you’re in control of what’s taken – just your money.

Best Antivirus for Mac: Free


#1. Avast

Despite being designed to be more favorable to windows users, Mac users are now offered a limited range of free services from Avast including blocking of unsafe sites, real-time monitoring, scanning of WiFi networks and blocking of viruses. These basic security measures are to be updated regularly, so your defense system is up-to-date against the latest threats.

#2. AVG Free Antivirus for Mac

You can easily upgrade to the premium version of this AVG, but the free features provide protection against online threats and downloads, real-time monitoring, allows you to drag and drop files for scanning against threats, and malware removal.

#3. Comodo

While not as popular as the other two free antivirus softwares, Comodo offers a slightly broader range of free services for its users, and of course, with the option to upgrade. These free features include: one click scanning, real-time monitoring, quarantine and removal of suspicious files, regular virus scanning, and a few other perks.

Best Antivirus for Mac: Paid


#1. kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky’s constantly hailed as one of the premier antivirus software, thanks to its ability to score well when tested by independent experts. It’s also available at a steal price per annum, less than $30, and includes webcam anti-spy protection, parental control and some other cool features.

#2. Bitedefender for Mac

At approximately $60 per annum, bitedefender’s still cheaper than most antivirus softwares around, but offers a more unique range of protection, including a built-in VPN, as well as an autopilot feature that allows you “set it and forget it”.
After securing the software of your mac, don’t forget that sometimes the easiest attack isn’t overly complicated and can require just physical contact with your laptop, so keep it safe, and stay updated on the latest security trends, threats and updates.

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