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Avast VPN

This secure line was launched in 2014 in the Czech Republic. This is irrespective of the fact that the company has been around since 1988. The VPN services work in several devices such as PC, Mac, iPhone, Andriod. It covers is operation top 5 devices and with unlimited bandwidth services. It is also worth the mention that Avast provides only 55 servers in several countries, about 34 countries.

The VPN services that Avast provides comes with top download speed, avast brags on their homepage about how fast their VPN is; and when it is tested to check their claim, it was found out to be true. And although they are not the fastest, they have one of the fastest VPN services.

Avast Secureline VPN has a well secured and encrypted services; this comes with a workable kill switch and DNS leak protection. The protection used by Avast is a military grade 256 number which is used to measure the strength of the encryption.

The prevention of DNS leakage comes with a nice feature because it ensures that no one steals your data hence disclosing your browsing activity or true location.

Avast VPN allows the torrenting activity. With avast, it is possible to download via torrent and P2P; this is allowed via their data center location especially through major cities.

Avast does not log your activities; hence there is no need to be scared of what you do online. You are surely free like a bird to do whatever you need because there is no logging policy in Avast VPN.

Avast VPN has a very efficient and supportive Customer Support system; they are available at all time, and this gives the necessary boost needed to use their services because you know at the back of your mind that someone is always available to answer your query anytime you need them.

The internet is usually more transparent than you usually think, hackers can easily get a hold your activity and steal your data if you are not protected. Avast Secure VPN provides you with the necessary protection that you would need to stay away from prying eyes on the internet. It provides you with the freedom to go through the web and makes you think you are somewhere else so that you can get some services that are associated with the location you are in.

Avast VPN comes with a great usability profile because of the user guide it has once it is installed. Avast VPN is sleek and simple. Everything needed to connect to Avast server is just a click of the button.

You can choose from a myriad of countries from the server lists inside the app interface. Usually, there is a preference where you can arrange the Avast VPN app to meet how you want it to be displayed. You can also set it to connect automatically you start up your device or PC. This way, it ensures that you are always protected.

Avast VPN also is available in the apple store and the android Google play store.


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