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Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web provides the necessary safety for your online services while you go through the internet. This service is unique in that it helps you identify thefts and online scams. It gives you the necessary warnings as you browse through suspicious sites and also while you shop online.

Norton Safe Web provides safe web sessions for you and then gives you the safety information for every page you open. It does this by querying Symantec Remote URL Reputation Service; this reputation service is routinely updated with the newest threats.

Norton Safe Web blocks all malicious pages automatically before they are opened; it does this to dangerous downloads too; all these are done to protect you from virus attack as you use the internet.

There are also Add-ons; this provides you with on-the-go support for safety. The add-on makes use of the Google Analytic protocol to transmit error information that features around your internet use but then not updated by Symantec.

Hence if you do not like this data collection, you should not install the add-on, and if you already have it installed, you can uninstall it. The add-on set the features that Google uses to hide your IP when processing the analytic gotten from you.

With the Norton Safe Web, it is all about analyzing websites and then protecting your PC from attack. This new feature was made to help fight several online threats that emanate from the internet daily. It helps to protect against a website that wants to steal credit card information, passwords, bank information and all that.

Norton Safe Web works by using the feedback gotten from the internet community to monitor the websites. This implies that internet users will evaluate sites and know how they work and if they notice any suspicious activity while they are working, they quickly do a review; this is logged in Norton Safe web and then used as the principle to provide safety in future occurrence.

Once you use the Norton Safe web, you will have total access to the information given in the review by clicking community Buzz on the site. There you can see different sites and their ratings by Norton Safe web.

The Norton Safe Web is useful today because apart from the fact that it is a free service, it also helps internet users know the safe websites; this goes a long way to providing safety to all those who use the internet.

There are reports daily of hacks, and cyber-attack is an all-time high. In the face of this, it is necessary that the best approach is to monitor and track the trend so proper internet safety can be given.

As a website owner, you can submit your website for review by the Norton Safe web. Norton can help you check the site and tell you what is needed to upgrade the site so that you can get the necessary reputation that is needed for visitors to feel safe using the website.

Web owners could use the Norton Secured Seal and the best SSL certificates to ensure that their site is safe to use especially if it used for businesses.


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