The Top 7 VDR Providers You Can Trust


VDRs are utilized in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, information technology and telecommunications, investment banking, accountancy, government, energy, and business brokerage.

As a result, VDRs are quickly becoming a requirement for successful information support of company operations in the twenty-first century. The greatest VDR programs on the market today are listed below. You may also do your data room comparison To do that check out more data room providers.

Picking the Best Online Data Room Software in 2022

Please note that this list is prepared based on customer ratings and the general performance of data rooms in various business sectors. You can also compare some of the best alternative data rooms on this website.


iDeals Solutions is a virtual data room (VDR) service provider situated in the United Kingdom. Since its inception in 2008, the firm has established itself as one of the greatest data room providers in the globe. Despite the fact that iDeals data rooms are quite popular in the legal business, financial sector, high-level corporate professionals, and executives, they can be distinguished for the same reasons.

Merrill Datasite

Merrill Datasite is another market leader in data room software, focusing on medium and large businesses in the banking sector, law firms, corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, and corporations. One of Merrill Datasite’s most intriguing features is the ability to upload compressed files up to 50GB in size. Merrill Datasite also provides comprehensive project management tools for difficult procedures like due diligence.


Intralinks, another well-known data room supplier, is well-known among medium and big businesses. The majority of their specializations revolve around delivering all-inclusive solutions for due diligence and mergers & acquisitions. Intralinks is an artificial intelligence-powered VDR that offers improved data management and analysis. Furthermore, these databases are simple to use and available in a variety of languages, including German, French, and English.


Brainloop offers SaaS solutions including as VDRs, board communication, and secure collaboration platforms. The organization works with businesses of various kinds, including small, medium, and big enterprises. In terms of functionality, MS Office can be integrated with Brainloop data rooms and used offline as well. These databases are compatible with all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.


Ansarada is a VDR with extremely flexible price options that may be utilized by professionals, freelancers, small enterprises, and the corporate sector. Ansarada also offers tailored solutions for mergers and acquisitions, deal management, and team collaboration. Ansarada also has artificial intelligence for data management, document analysis, and file clustering. Dropbox and Google Drive may also be integrated with your Ansarada VDRs.


Digify, like Ansarada, is a flexible online data room software that can meet the demands of enterprises of all sizes and types. They provide various price plans for corporations, individuals, and organizations (cost starts at $96 per month). Digify includes all of the usual and sophisticated data storage and sharing capabilities, such as file tracking, data encryption, access control, and customized watermarks. Digify VDRs may be integrated with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


Firmex is another all-in-one system that excels in difficult procedures like litigation, due diligence, and compliance. Firmex data rooms are frequently used in the legal and business sectors. Firmex also works with small and medium-sized businesses. Watermarks, automated indexing, audit trails, limited document viewing, and drag-and-drop capability are among the key features of Firmex Data Room.