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Norton VPN

Before the US government opened the gates on ISP and all the plenty talk about getting our information from our devices, the big anti-virus names identified the Virtual Private Networks as the next point to run to and Norton Secure VPN was one of the leading brands in the VPN world.

Norton has a tiny footprint and good server diversity and also a strong security pedigree. Its flexible pricing plan is also among the features that make it stands out.

The internet was not created with the bad guys in mind hence. As a result, it is very easy to get any information from anyone who uses the internet; there are also the cases of unsecured Wi-Fi network which is a recipe for disaster. This is the reason you need a VPN.

Norton VPN has found itself to be one of the best to reckon with when it comes to VPN services. It is easy to install and use; with just a minute of install time. Norton is available for iOS, Andriod, macOS, and Windows. You can set up your VPN manually to fit your device.

While several VPN companies want to make apps that are apart from their operating system, Norton’s VPN is strongly attached to the operating System Tray. Its window is large and quite easy to read.

Nord VPN has lots of special services that are made for streaming live videos which connect to the Tor anonymization network. Norton provides special servers to stream videos.

Norton will help you secure your passwords, bank details, credit card and other private information you have stored up in your PC.

With Norton; you will get Bank-grade encryption; this means that you can use your device to browse in public Wi-Fi without feeling unsecured.

You can browse anonymously because Norton helps you to protect your privacy and also prevent you from being attacked by advertisers online; the VPN also provides opportunities to view websites that are usually locked due to location.

As well as protecting your device, Norton also helps encrypt your data that you send and receive when browsing on a public Wi-Fi; with this, you can pay your bills, interact on social media and check your mail. In the café and airport, you can ensure your information are safe turning on your Norton anti-virus.

Online freedom is possible today because of the VPN services provided by credible brands like Norton. And you can access your favorite website, app everywhere you go.

Norton has a very good money back guarantee; this period, you can let Norton know why you don’t want their services anymore and you can have your money returned to you.

And although the free version does not offer much, yet the premium version will give you a good run for your money. Norton used to have one of the biggest prices to subscribe, but things have greatly improved as they have options that let you choose the subscription package you want it refreshes monthly. Also with Norton, you can choose the plan that will cover with more than one device.


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