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Dog Door Review by Pet Store

To stay in great shape, the dog needs to be actively moving. The implementation of security instincts and simply ordinary curiosity require free movement around the house. Dogs, in addition to small breeds, can afford to open the interior door with their paws. They can do this at least in one direction by pressing the door handle with their paw. But constant manipulations of this type are fraught with damage to the door leaf covering, which does not decorate scratches from claws. Today, stores for cats and dog owners offer a huge assortment of windows, manholes and even tunnels, designed for the convenience of moving pets around the apartment or from home to the street. Therefore, we have prepared a sliding glass doggie door review to help you choose this fixture.

Why a door for a dog is a necessary acquisition

To provide the dog with both free movements inside the home and access to the garden, you can use the door for dogs or tunnels. Depending on the model, they are installed in the door or wall, forming a passage for the animal.

Types of doors for dogs

Types Doors for dogs open with a push that will allow your pet to cope with it independently. Their advantage is that by creating a passage, they do not create a draft in the room. They can be:

  • unilateral;
  • bilateral;
  • equipped with mode switching.

One-sided doors allow the animal to move in one direction – only at the entrance or exit from the premises. Bilateral open in both directions. The most modern models allow you to switch modes, allowing the owner to control the movement of the pet at its discretion. Such a device is computerized, complete with an electronic device comes a collar that is worn on an animal. The display turns on the program that identifies this particular collar and lets only the pet on which it is actually worn into the house. The display turns on the program that identifies this particular collar and lets in only the pet that it is worn to the house. The presence of a lock on the door makes it possible to temporarily block the passage, which is necessary for certain situations.

Important criteria

The design of the doors for dogs is different. They can be deaf or transparent, allowing the animal to see what is happening on the other side, and the owner to notice the emerging dog. Variations in color solutions allow you to choose a model that is in harmony with the interior of the home.

The size of the door should be selected depending on the size of the animal. Some models are provided with a flexible valve, which allows you to create a minimum of noise during use. Reinforced models are preferred for entry doors, especially if they are designed for large dogs. Tunnels can be used either independently, as a transition between rooms, or installed as an additional element to the door if the wall thickness is large.

Buy the best from Pet Store

The Pet Store store offers you doors and tunnels for dogs of various models at a reasonable price. A variety of color solutions will give you the opportunity to choose exactly the one that harmoniously fits into the interior of your apartment. Functional diversity will help you best meet your needs. In our store you can also order stickers and plates for dogs, everything for home hygiene, carrying and bags for dogs, ammunition, booths, and aviaries. Our store is always happy to offer the best for you and your pets.


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